SOFAS Hi! I'm David your biker I deliver to your
home whatever
you need
Hi! I'm David
your biker
I deliver to your home
whatever you need
SOFAS Hi! I'm Luis, your chauffeur I'll drive you safely to where
and whenever you want
Hi! I'm Luis
your chauffeur
I'll drive you
to where and
you want

What do you need today?

Find from CHOFFERS.COM Marketplace great places to buy food or shop and we’ll deliver it to you.
Or find great places to stay or visit and we’ll drive you there.
And for our launching, we’re offering a 10% disc. for all products/services on the marketplace.

Coupon code: LANZAMIENTO.

Post what you need here and get offers from our collaborators to do the task.

If you can’t find what you need from the listed services above or you don’t have time to search. No worries, just post what you need on our platform and start receiving offers from our collaborators to have it done. Select an offer, pay and that’s it. The collaborator will do the gig (task) at the scheduled time. It’s free and you can post as many gigs as you want.
Post your gig now and start receiving offers.

Latest published gigs

See below the latest published gigs from our users.

  • Airport transfer service needed

    4 days ago
    • Car standard
  • Traslado aeropuerto

    5 days ago
    • Car business
    • Car premium
    • Car standard
  • Llevar sobre

    5 days ago
    El Campello
    • Bike
  • Food delivery

    5 days ago
    El Campello
    • Bike
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About Bikers & Choffers

All your logistic gigs (task) in one place

Bikers & Choffers is a collaborative platform where you can find bikers and chauffeurs for your errands or logistics tasks such as deliveries, purchases, transfers, etc.
It is a CHOFFERS.COM brand created with the goal to offer its customers a complete and comprehensive logistics solution. Thus, Bikers & Choffers was created as an expansion of the services offered by CHOFFERS.COM to include services related to delivery with bikes and motorbikes. Now from one place and with one click , you can find a variety of vehicles for all your logistics needs and errands..

How are we different or unique?

Find 5 reasons below
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    We provide our users a comprehensive marketplace of local businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, etc. where they can order or book they services the need.
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    Task board:
    We provide a task board where you can publish any logistic task you need done and start receiving offers from our collaborators.
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    Collaborators directory:
    We provide a directory where you can find and book directly from our collaborators’ directory, professional bikers and chauffeurs for your delivery and transfer services.

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    To encourage our collaborators to use eco-friendly vehicles, we charge the collaborators with eco-friendly vehicles 50% less commissions for using the platform.
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    Transparent and coorperative collaboration:
    No algorithms to assign gigs to our collaborators. Our gigs are public and our collaborators choose what and when they want to do. They decide their price, working hours, conditions etc.

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